1971 Ducati 750 GT Twin

Frame # DM-750003  Motor # DM-750010

    The following photographs are of my 1971 Ducati 750 GT Twin. It was bought in Naples Italy the day after they hit the showroom floor.I then rode it for two weeks before shipping it back to the USA. It was ridden in the USA till November 1972 at which time the bike was shipped to Rota Spain via the USS Simon Lake AS-16 along with me due to the USS Simon Lake changing home ports to Rota Spain. I was station in Rota for 5 years and rode the bike all over Spain as well as the French, Swiss, and Italy Alps. In January 1978 the Navy shipped me and the bike back to the USA and stayed in Norfolk VA till 1985. I then left Norfolk VA and returned to Tampa with the Bike.

The last year that I was in Spain I developed a loose rod. I tried to repair it but was not able to. I did not have the correct tools and there was no one it Spain that knew enough about it for me to trust to repair it. I waited till I got transferred back to Norfolk VA to have it repaired by Big Sid. He said a few of the shafts were out of alienment and that he had shimmed them up to correct alienment. Since that time the bike has been in storage and I have begone a slow process of getting it back up and running. The bike has only 38,675 Kilometers (23,205 miles) on it. All equipment on it is still orginal.

The following photographs are of the bike.